Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune


The Cusrow Wadia Institute of Technology, Pune was started by the Modern Education Society, Pune. The Society itself was founded by Late Prin. V. K. Joag, an eminent educationist and Late Sir Cusrow Wadia, an industrialist of repute. The Institute made an humble beginning in 1938 with setting up of Department of Applied Electricity. Since then the Institute has made rapid progress and today it is a full-fledged Polytechnic with  multifarious activities under its umbrella.

The milestones are as under:
1938 Establishment,
1963 Silver Jubilee,
1988 Golden Jubilee,
1998 Diamond Jubilee,
Thus, the Institute has completed 81 years of its yeomen services for the cause  of Technical Education.

Founding Fathers

Sir Cusrow WadiaLate Sir Cusrow Wadia
(11th February 1869 - 3rd October 1950)

Sir Cusrow Wadia was a Mill Owner and Philanthropist from Bombay. He was benefactor and first President of the Modern Education Society, Pune, founded on 15th February 1932. He was the pioneer to foresee the importance of starting the first "Private Polytechnic" in Western India.

He gave handsome donations and help to build our Institute which proudly and rightly bears his name. It was said of him, that he was so liberal that he was known as the "Chronic Philanthropist". He could visualize the "Atomic Age" and the importance of Electronics in Industries. He was so much interested in the welfare of its students that he used to invite and bring dignitaries to visit the institute to meet and talk to them. Sir Cusrow Wadia occupied a place of honour, among contemporary industrialists in India.

We are truly fortunate that such a wonderful personality was at the helm of this Institute and nursed it during the formative years. His "Life Sketch" is a constant source of inspiration to the present students and staff of the Institute.


Principal V. K. JoagLate Prin. V. K. Joag
(9th March 1888 - 31st December 1963)

Born on 9th March 1888 at Tasgaon, Principal V. K. Joag was a distinguished student first of the Nutan Marathi Vidyalaya and then of the Fergusson College, Poona.

He joined the Fergusson College as Professor of Philosophy and was enrolled as Life-Member of the Deccan Education Society in 1914. As a Life-Member of the Deccan Education Society upto 1932, Principal Joag rendered services to the College and to the Society, as a very successful and highly proficient teacher and as an organiser of rare ability.

In 1932, Principal Joag and his colleagues founded the Modern Education Society, Poona, with the generous assistance of the late Sir Cusrow Wadia and the late Sir Ness Wadia and other public-spirited citizens in the cities of Poona, Bombay and elsewhere. He wholeheartedly devoted himself to the establishment and progress of the Society and its Institutions. Even when he was fatally ill, he continued incessantly to work for the total progress of the Society and its Institutions. He was Principal of the Society's Wadia College from 1938 to 1950.